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Our fees!

Friends! Do not be alarmed by our supposedly large commission. If you calculate carefully, buying...

23.10.2021, 13:18
Maize Casino!

Friends! Very soon, the opening of Maize online casino!

23.10.2021, 01:06

Friends! For easier transactions of chia and its forks, use the "ForkFarmer" application from our...

17.10.2021, 20:20
New coins!

We have included in the trading  Stai and Taco!

12.10.2021, 20:08
Price update!

We fixed automatic price updating!

04.10.2021, 15:05
Latest exchanges
26.10.2021, 22:36iconicon24784.328358 CGN
26.10.2021, 21:06iconicon0.000000 TSIT
26.10.2021, 20:56iconicon0.009998 XCH
26.10.2021, 19:33iconicon32472.592591 CGN
26.10.2021, 18:02iconicon0.000000 TSIT
26.10.2021, 16:30iconicon45.590831 NCH
26.10.2021, 14:59iconicon6.352703 NCH
26.10.2021, 13:27iconicon803.245855 GDOG
26.10.2021, 11:54iconicon53.038209 NCH
26.10.2021, 10:23iconicon319.716850 GDOG

Latest reviews

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Perfect transaction but fees are a bit too high
22.10.2021, 15:48
fast transaction
22.10.2021, 14:09
Fast and easy. Will do exchange again for sure!
19.10.2021, 11:16
Exchange was easy and fast. Thanks!
11.10.2021, 21:29
Fees are a tad bit high but it's fast and easy!
08.10.2021, 13:07
adequate fee compared to sellers' markup on P2P platforms and fork exchanges. convenient!
08.10.2021, 12:00
quick transactions but fees are a bit too high.
08.10.2021, 11:54
great site. great customer service 😀. Fair transparent transactions.
02.10.2021, 19:29
very, very good. very speed!
01.10.2021, 22:23
很方便 就是交易深度太浅了
27.09.2021, 15:56
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