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We working 01.00 AM - 05.00 PM, GMT-0


We are first chiaforks c2b exchanger!

Our exchanger was created by a team consisting of chia farmers, IT specialists, marketers and stockbrokers!

Our projects:

1. Maize fork

2. Website with updated chia and fork databases chiaforksblockchain.com

3. Escrow service. https://escrowcrypto.online

4. Maize online casino! Go to play! https://casino.maize.farm

5.Soon opening p2p exchanger

6. Soon starting NFT game Hungry Birds


Enjoy our exchanger!

For easier transactions of chia and its forks, use the "ForkFarmer" application !

Download here https://github.com/ForkFarmer/ForkFarmer

Video tutorial - How to exchange!

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