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1. Is your exchanger secure?

Yes, our exchanger is safe! We don't store your coins in our wallets and we use direct exchange. We also process your orders manually, so it makes no sense for hackers to hack us.

2. What a commission you have!

We have zero commission now for most directions.

3. How to exchange? I don't understand!

Please  see video-tutorial.  For fullscreen mode^ open this video on youtube.

4. Who are you?

We are Maize fork. And we developed this exchanger.

5. Do I have to make a deposit in my personal account to make an exchange?

No. To exchange, you must send us your coins as shown in your order.

6. Why do I sometimes see the message "The amount to send is too big" when making a new order?

This means that we now have a large reserve for a certain coin and have temporarily limited the purchase of that coin. When we sell out that coin's reserve, we will remove the limit.

7. Why do you have a limit of 1 order per day per user for some coins?

We are a c2b exchanger which means we buy and sell coins from our own reserves, we are not a classic cryptocurrency exchange, but an exchanger with its own business model. To make sure we have enough chia reserves and many users can sell their coins, we are periodically introducing such limits.  

8. How long have you been in existence?

We have been operating successfully since September 2021. And we have only positive feedback, which you can see in the Reviews section. 

9. I want to invest in your exchanger! How can I do it?

You have to make a deposit of chia in your personal account, which is converted into USD at the current exchange rate and purchase investment packages with these USD! After finishing your package you will be able to withdraw USDT to your wallet.

10. Have you another projects?


Maize fork


Maize casino

Escrow service

NFT-game Hungry Birds


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