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Sync wallet chia issue

Today we have issue with syncing of chia wallet.all directions forks-chia temporarily disabled

25.05.2022, 10:51

We temporarily stopped buying Petroleum from users , because Petroleum went on the Vindax exchang...

18.05.2022, 13:23
New directions in Thailand!

Today we added new exchange directions in Thailand.1. SWIFT EURO/THAI BAHT CASH PHUKET2.BTC/THAI ...

06.05.2022, 13:34
Petroleum starting price 2$ from 10th may on Vindax exchange


18.04.2022, 23:08
Listing Petroleum on Vindax Exchange


13.04.2022, 19:32
Listing new and old forks!

Dear farmers! If you want us to list any fork on our exchanger, write in the fork's discord group...

07.04.2022, 14:43
Market.posat.io was hacked!

Message from owner of market.posat.io on his discord channel: exchanger posat has been hacked( th...

06.04.2022, 13:59
Petroleum fork on our exchange!

We listed today Petroleum fork with staking! You need 1 coin for staking for your 1TB farming net...

03.04.2022, 22:42

Our exchanger was listed today Stablecoin USD STABLY on chia blockchain. https://stably.io

21.03.2022, 17:43
Listing Profit!

Today we listed Profit fork!Buy profit for staking! For 1 TB of your farming space you need 1 Pro...

17.03.2022, 22:45
Staking Gold!

Friends! Sell and buy coins for staking Gold! You need 1 GL for 1 TB of your  Gold farming N...

16.03.2022, 14:36

Applications are accepted around the clock and processed from 05:00 AM to 09:00 PM,GMT-0.  ...

11.03.2022, 01:15

We listed today NO-WAR-CHIA-TOKEN.https://no-war-chia-token.com

09.03.2022, 01:43
Our investment program

Our exchanger launched an investment program today! You can invest and earn from 2 to 3 percent p...

10.03.2022, 17:30
Exchange FORKS.GREEN has closed!

The Russian exchange forks.green closed in early March.https://chiaforksblockchain.com/tpost/b4z5...

07.03.2022, 18:30
Chia blockchain delays. CHIA under DUST ATTACK!

Due to delays in processing chia transactions on the chia blockchain side, the exchanger is not w...

19.02.2022, 14:00
Maize has launched escrow service!

Friends! Maize is pleased to present our new project - an online escrow service for buying/sellin...

23.01.2022, 22:57
Maize Casino is launched!

Go to play! https://casino.maize.farm

11.11.2021, 14:44
NFT-maize game!

Friends! Team Maize started development of Nft-maize game Hungry Birds!

02.11.2021, 22:04
New promotion from Maize!

Attention! New promotion from Maize! Allnewbies and those who have 0 coins will get 30 maize coin...

02.11.2021, 00:33
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